For the Love of Light 

Exploring the Power of Light with Young Children 

Light has the power to build connections and transform your early learning environment. In this Mulberry Methods Intensive, we'll consider the power of light when it comes to softening your space, opening lines of communication, and fostering connection and engagement for young children. Let our video footage and photographs inspire you to incorporate light into every area of your practice. Watch on your own schedule with access for 2 months.

Run time: 35 minutes
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Wow! The images from Mulberry House are stunning! I had no idea how much light can bring to a space. We only have a light table at this time, so I'm excited to try some of these other great ideas. Thank you! 
—Daycare Provider 
I'm slightly obsessed with Mulberry House. Creating an "environment of softness" has been one of my biggest take aways. Light really helps set the tone in our classroom... 
— Preschool Teacher 
Thank you so much for this inspiring and thought-provoking session! The content you covered spoke right to my heart! Thank you for the gift of sharing with us your passion and philosophical values...
— Preschool Teacher 
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