The Main Classroom
A Recording of the Virtual Event from February 12, 2024

Promoting Connection and Collaborative Learning with your Classroom Setup and Materials 

In this professional development session, we invite you to join Suzanne Cotton for a presentation on the Main Classroom at Mulberry House. Suzanne will lead you through a virtual tour of the space, share how we set up the classroom, select our materials, and promote connection and curiosity through our Reggio-inspired environment. You'll see how our environment allows children to construct knowledge independently and with peers, all while keeping things cool, calm, and collected. We'll talk about the educator's role, our nurturing language, and other topics. Join Suzanne for a live Q+A to follow. Together, we'll troubleshoot your challenges in the classroom and answer your questions! 

*This is not a live event. You are purchasing the full recording of the live event. Watch at your own pace, on your own schedule. 

Run time: Approx. 2 hours
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I admire Suzanne and her team for their interpretation of what it means to be Reggio-inspired.  So often times...the beauty of Reggio gets stifled by our competitive, product-driven culture. However, at Mulberry House, a child's right to create, play, move, sing, discuss, and read are embraced and protected... 
—Preschool Teacher 
Your professional development events are sending waves of inspiration across the world that will have a lasting impact on countless communities. Thank you, Mulberry House! 
—Preschool Teacher 
Inspiration EVERYWHERE in your learning space with so many ideas to use next week! A PD that inspires us to pause, look around, and think differently about a space.  What could students create or play with? Thank you for this time in your beautiful school! 
— Preschool Teacher 
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