Top 20 Materials (Main Classroom)

See the Materials that Fuel the Play. 

Materials have the power to enrich your program in remarkable ways. In this Mulberry Methods Intensive, we'll consider the power of materials in your space. We'll show you how we choose our open-ended materials and how our materials support schematic play and connection for young children. Let our video footage and photographs inspire you as you learn about our top 20+ materials! Watch on your own schedule with access for 2 months.

Run time: Approx. 22 minutes
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I follow Mulberry House on Instagram and I wanted to get a closer look at their materials. I was not disappointed. Do not hesitate to buy this! 
— Preschool Teacher 
Once again, Suzanne completely amazes me. I've watched all of her videos and I'm more inspired with each one. Thank you, Suzanne! 
— Preschool Director 
This course gave me WAY more than 20 materials. I love how so many of these materials can be found in your recycle bin or from people in your community. So many great ideas here!! Thank you, I highly recommend this. 
— Preschool Teacher 
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